2024 Kunwei Medical Annual Meeting: Condensing the Heart Together, Create Brilliant

The Old year is celebrated with pride and joy. From January 19 to 21, 2024, the 2024 annual meeting of Shenzhen Kunwei Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. will be held in Shaoguan as scheduled. The annual meeting ceremony, the company's general manager Zhao and all employees, as well as a number of guests gathered together to enjoy the party. For three days and two nights, the content of the New Year's Annual meeting includes not only the annual dinner and awards, but also activities such as farmhouse music, game group construction, and Danxia Mountain play, which can be described as colorful and wonderful.


The annual dinner kicked off in the enthusiastic New Year's message from General Manager Zhao, who summarized the past 2023: In the past year, with the joint efforts of all colleagues, the company's business has maintained sustained and steady development and achieved good results. These results belong to every Kunwei people, and the future of Kunwei will be more brilliant. Looking forward to 2024, I hope all my colleagues will unite in the New Year, full of confidence and great ambitions.

The development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of the employees, in the past year, the company has emerged a group of dedicated and dedicated excellent employees, at the annual dinner, the company not only gave full recognition to the excellent employees, and awarded awards and bonuses, but also awarded awards and bonuses to the old employees, thank them for helping the company's sustainable and steady development.

Lucky draw is always the theme of the annual meeting, the annual dinner held a variety of lucky draws, the winning rate of more than 50%, most of the employees drew lucky red envelopes, to the end of the company leaders also drew a number of lucky awards, the atmosphere of the audience burned to the highest point. Of course, the company also gave out large red envelopes for employees who did not draw the lucky prize.

In the three-day annual meeting, all employees of the company also participated in activities such as farm music, game group construction, and Danxia Mountain play, which further enhanced the cohesion of the company team through these colorful activities, and further strengthened the sense of belonging of all employees to the company.

Kunwei Medical 2024 will finally come to an end in a piece of laughter, I believe that it is because of our efforts in the past year, will bloom the most gorgeous smile at the end of the year, the old year has shown a thousand pieces of brocade, the New Year again into a hundred feet pole, looking back on 2023, we condensed Kunwei, hard work, the company sustained and steady development, looking forward to 2024, As a family, Kunwei people will continue to gather strength under the correct guidance of General Manager Zhao, full of confidence, and grand plans.

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